First up: The hourly rate I charge for website development is $45. The average website will take me around 10 hours to create. If this seems like a lot of money to pay, I encourage you to do your research, look around, and then come back.

Welcome back.

The creation of a website through Making Stories Out Of Words involves the following stages:
  • Pre-creation consultation/paperwork/deposit paid/information-gathering.
  • Research into the industry.
  • Viewing of the home page and contact pafe for your website. any changes to style, colouring and wording are suggested, changed and explained.
  • Draft viewing of the entire site. Changes are made, reviewed and explained.
  • Final viewing.
  • Final payment made from you, include the purchase of a domain name (not included in the hourly charge).

I can also provide, for websites that I have created: 

  • Updates or changes to your website, at an hourly rate of $35
  • Emergency Updates (completed within 12 hours) at $55 per hour. If your emergency update is not completed within the 12 hours, you will be charged at the one-off rate.

Below is a gallery of a selection of the websites I have developed. Each image has the web address for the site under it. These are simply screen shots of the home page of each of these sites - to view the full site you will need ot visit it!  

Remember... I am always happy to negotiate a discounted rate for students or community groups. I would rather help you than have you miss out on an opportunity to have your story told.

Because communication should be accessible.