The plan is to update this page regularly, to share my first love in writing... the short story.

As with all the words, thoughts and ideas on this site, these First Loves are all (c).

If there has been a First Love that you missed, you might find it here.

No Goat Shall Pass is a little bit... different. Remembering a fairy tale, and realising that all fairy tales were darkness threatening life. Sometimes, this is where my thoughts come to play. Visit with me... but remember... they all live happily ever after.  

No Goat Shall Pass

The space between us threatens to engulf.

I cannot lie.

And yet, I lie. 


In the space between us.

I reach, like a bridge.

Yet I recognise the potential frailty of this construction.

The bridge is dismantled before fully erect. 

And no goat shall pass.

There is, here is, a chasm.

I cannot lie.

And yet, still, I lie.

Remembering fairy tales, and the moment that life threatened to cross - 

Yet no goat shall pass.

Underneath is darkness.

I will not lie.

And so, I arise.

Remembering the moment when life knocked, and the accompanying fear.

No goat shall pass. 

I hear the footprints, and turn.

Life trip-traps towards me.

Crouching, I wait. 

It springs into my arms, and we embrace.

No goat shall pass untouched.

No goat shall pass unnoticed.

In covering me with love and life and hope and innocence, I realise that this - this! - is life. 

Not in bridges.

Not in lying.

But here.

And so, in rising, I am certain.

No goat shall pass.