There is a lot to be proud of when I stop to realise that when I work with people, it is because they have chosen to ask me to work for them. There is no 'luck' in it - they have made the decision to work with me.

After running two weeks of English language classes, I then moved into editing an e-book. This was followed up by assisting clients with job applications, letters of commendation and the news that an individual I nominated for the Honour Awards had reached the finalist stage.

I'm now getting ready to embark on editing the first novel of a Newcastle writer. This is going to be huge, and I wish her all the best with getting it published!

June 2011 - What a moment! The website for Making Stories Out Of Words has taken out 3rd place in the Yola Web Stars competition! Here is what the judges said...

"Making Stories Out of Words blends stunning design with strong copy for a beautiful site that’s a great experience on every page..."

In February 2011, I was noted as a runner up in Yola's "Show Off Your Site" competition. The idea was to submit a website that you had designed using the Yola site-builder. Coming runner up was a huge honour, and a great boost to the self esteem!

If you have visited the Website Development service, you have already seen the gallery of a selection of websites I have developed.

If not, sit back and relax, because here it is again!