We live in a time when anyone with an iPhone and a couple of apps can claim to be a photographer. When hobby photographers offer to shoot weddings and newborns for free.

It's fantastic to see that empowerment happening, but what about the photographers who have dedicated their lives to training, their clients and reputation building?

Not one to sit and sulk, Renee Moore addressed the new trends in the market and dipped into her bag of tricks. Recognising the limited view of her scope of work, she decided to "go public" with her other photography skills.

Enter www.moorethanweddings.com

This website exists to showcase Renee's other skills in photography, from newborns to animals to running workshops. And it has been a huge success! Renee has found herself with a different (and much nicer) dilemma: How do I book everyone in?!

With her reputation as  one of Newcastle's most highly sought after wedding photographers, Renee has now also developed a keen following for her LEARN workshops, her portrait packages, and more. The website works to compliment her weddings website, by introducing a different side to the range of work Renee is capable of. The LEARN tab in the site is an example of maximising the functions of the standard 'form' widget, and feeds straight to Renee's email.

Not only has this filled her booking sheets once again, the experience had empowered Renee to embrace the challenges of life and employment by stepping onto ground she initially feel uncertain of.