Some people are just cut out for youth work. Shayne Kingsley is one of them. Working at a youth refuge in Regional NSW, I first met Shayne six years ago when she was working with young women recovering from trauma. Throughout the years I have been continually impressed by her dedication to her work, to her family and to her friends. As a youth worker, Shayne has the rare quality of being able to work with the youth under her care by earning their respect - not by trying to be their friend. The young people she supports, in turn, respond amazingly well to the guidance and boundaries Shayne invests into their lives. Today, Shayne is married, with a beautiful two year old daughter who has special needs. This young woman has been nominated for Regional Youth Worker of the Year, but it is up to YOU to vote! Just click HERE, and voting will take less than 2 minutes.

Vote for Shayne (above, with daughter Loghan) in the 2012 regional Youth Worker Awards!

3rd Mayfield Cub Scouts is a fantastic place for kids to come and learn, play and experience what it is to be a Cub.

I'm one of the leaders in the Cub section, and each week my team and I dedicate time to coming up with new and exciting programs for our Group to enjoy.

There is always room for more kids, and not just in Cubs - in the Scouting section, too. And if you want to be really brave? Come along and find out more about being a leader!

Cubs meets on Mondays at 6pm, for an hour and a half. Scouts is on Thursdays, from 6:30pm, for two hours. Our Hall is on Gregson Ave in Mayfield.

You can check out our website at