Someone asked me if there was some way she could see some of my writing that I have published previously on 'That First Love'. Well, the answer (now) is yes! This is a work-in-progress, so hang in there while I get them all into .pdf files.

I've specified on the That First Love page that all of my words are (C). Please respect this, and only use these pieces for your own entertainment.

Cheers, Kel

Beautiful.pdf Beautiful.pdf
Size : 260.997 Kb
Type : pdf
No More_copyright_makingstoriesoutofwords.pdf No More_copyright_makingstoriesoutofwords.pdf
Size : 272.329 Kb
Type : pdf
Rosemary_c_MSooW.pdf Rosemary_c_MSooW.pdf
Size : 189.559 Kb
Type : pdf
Apples_MSOOW.pdf Apples_MSOOW.pdf
Size : 193.585 Kb
Type : pdf
Chasing Cars_copyright_MSOOW.pdf Chasing Cars_copyright_MSOOW.pdf
Size : 188.989 Kb
Type : pdf