There are things I like: drumming, playing my guitar, laughing, recounting the ridiculous adventures I seem to have on a daily basis. And words.


I like words.


And I use them well. Really, really well.


So it makes sense that I try to use them to kick off an adventure. An adventure, called Making Stories out of Words.

Your words are irreversible. You can't ever take them back after you have sent them out. So it strikes me as being fairly important that the words you send out be clear, concise, truthful and accurate.

Let me help you with that.

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For those who want the qualifications, I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998; a Diploma in Education in 1999; Masters of Teaching in 2000. I also completed my Diploma in Community Services in June of 2011. 

And while all these words get tumbled about, polished and organised into an accurate representation of life, I try to remember that first love... the short story.

Photo taken by Renee Moore